Monday, December 15, 2008

Global Warming Causing COOLING TREND???

First when record snow falls started occurring a couple of years ago the manmade global warming fanatics said it was because of global warming and that it wasn't going to continue. Now with 10 straight years of cooling, now even that is man's fault b/c of man causing global warming!

This latest statement, "cooling trend...actually illustrates how fast the world is warming" is so absurd it is laughable. Yet, that is what they are trying to claim now being all evidence continues to point to weather CYCLES and the current cycle appears to be a cooling one.

Adding to more recent trends, Denver breaks 107 year old record with -18 degrees on the 14th and a 57 year old record was shattered by 13 degrees with -19 on the 15th.

Also a city in Montana shattered an 86 year old record by 12 degrees coming in at -29.

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Rob N. said...

makes perfect sense... didn't you see that fact-driven film, 'The Day After Tomorrow'... That explains everything, you should point your blog-readers to see that excellent film, alongside the other epic, 'An Inconvenient Truth'

In fact, we should stop all earth/physical science teaching and instead just have students watch these films.