Sunday, December 07, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree

Ever since moving out from my parents 17 years ago, I've never had my own Christmas tree b/c I've always said I wanted to wait until my first Christmas with my wife...well...that time is here =)

Adding the final touch

Of course Mimi did all the decorating and choosing the color scheme =) I did do the snow though =)

Now we just need some presents underneath...hint hint Mimi =)


Dee said...

Very cool, Congrats!!

Mimi said...

As for the presents, you are the head of the family, shouldn't you start first then I will follow..."leader"?

Mike's America said...

She put you in your place Cajun!

It's a very beautiful tree.

Cajun Tiger said...

Well...she knows I'm already done with my shopping for her, just haven't wrapped them yet...however...she hasn't even started shopping for me yet!!! =)