Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lost Party

Looks like we have another case of a missing party. News is breaking that Illinois Governor has been taken into federal custody for trying to take bribes to fill the Senate seat being vacated by Obama.

However, if you were curious as to what party he belongs to you are going to have a tough time figuring that out with the first few reports. However, as we have seen over and over, that means only one thing...he is a Dem b/c if he were a Repub, it would be the leading line in every headline.

Looks like Louisiana won't be the only state now with a former governor in federal prison.

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Mike's America said...

Hard for folks not to be aware of Blago's party affiliation since Obama is referred to throughout the criminal complaint.

Just tooooo many links between Obama, Rezko, Blago, Emanuel for there not to be more than a little fire to go along with this smoke...