Monday, December 29, 2008

The Shack

If you only read one book in 2009, make sure it is The Shack. I know that is a very strong statement, but I promise it is one you will quickly understand once you start reading it. This book has stretched me in ways I'm not able to describe yet. It has given me an entirely new perspective on my relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that has already had a very deep effect on my life and will continue to for the rest of it as well.

If you like C.S. Lewis's writing style then you will definitely love this book. The author weaves an incredible story of heartache and reconciliation in such an amazing and real way that I know I'll have to reread it several times to get all the nuggets. It's not a book you can read fast (because if you do you will miss so much), but it is also one you can't put down.


Jeff said...

I dont remember specifics, but I read a review that said this book was junk. Some good parts, but theologically unsound and possibly heretical.

Cajun Tiger said...

And do you think I would have recommended it so highly if that were true? ;)

Jeff said...

i suppose not. i was just sayin... :)