Friday, December 19, 2008

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

That is the title of the book I'm currently reading, and it is blowing me out the water. I love apologetics b/c I love learning how to defend my faith even stronger.

I'm only on Chapter 3 and "I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist" has given me so much material to chew on that I can't wait to read the rest. The authors walk you through a 12 step process using everything from logic, to astronomy, to thermodynamics, to archeology and many more solid scientific arenas to go from defining truth to the conclusion that the Bible is the Word of God. I'll list the steps here, but trust me, you have to read the book!

1. Truth about reality is knowable.
2. The opposite of true is false.
3. It is true that the theistic God exists. This is evidenced by the:
a. Beginning of the universe
b. Design of the universe
c. Design of life
d. Moral law
4. If God exists, then miracles are possible.
5. Miracles can be used to confirm a message from God (i.e., as acts of God to confirm a word from God)
6. The New Testament is historically reliable. This is evidenced by:
a. Early testimony
b. Eyewitness testimony
c. Uninvented (authentic) testimony
d. Eyewitnesses who were not deceived

7. The New Testament says Jesus claimed to be God
8. Jesus' claim to be God was miraculously confirmed by:
a. His fulfillment of many prophecies about himself
b. His sinless life and miraculous deeds
c. His prediction and accomplishment of his resurrection
9. Therefore, Jesus is God
10. Whatever Jesus (who is God) teaches is true
11. Jesus taught that the Bible is the Word of God
12. Therefore, it is true that the Bible is the Word of God (and anything opposed to it is false)

If anyone is truly seeking, they will find what they are looking for after reading this book. If anyone who doesn't believe in God can read this book and still not believe in God, then they are willfully denying the truth they know is right but just don't want to admit it for reasons mentiond in the book =)

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Dee said...

Apologetics was my favorite class at Bible College.