Friday, October 06, 2006

Don't Talk About the Economy, Stupid

No wonder Dems are hoping that the Foley story has the legs to last until the election (my prediction is this is going to backfire on them big time as more and more evidence surfaces that shows it was actually the Dems and their allies who kept the facts secret until it suited their political agenda which put more children in harms way) as more and more great news comes out about the economy. The deficit drops again on huge record tax revenues. Amazing how that cut taxes...and the tax revenue goes UP. Just imagine how much stronger they would be if the tax cuts were finally made permanent and thus putting off the fear of investors that taxes might be going up in a few years.

Then throw in another drop in unemployment, more growth in new jobs, gas prices continually dropping and the record setting stock market and it is easy to understand why the Dems of today want nothing to do with Clinton's economic tag line of '92 as the economy is the last thing they want to talk about this election cycle.


FeatherIron said...

No matter who kept it a secret, Foley was and is a pedefile and all Republicans need to be saying is sorry. Maybe once if Dems or Republicans would just say "Yes, so sorry, he is one of us and we are ashamed that he did this, that we didn't see and or address this, please forgive our party.." the public might actually trust Politicians if we heard sincere regret, remorse and acknoledgement. Just like when Bill Clinton got caught in the Monica Lewinski thing, Republicans are acting the same way, trying to talk about something else. Yea, yea, economy is great, unemployment is down but we need to spend some time apologizing as a party to the country cuz' you know good and well that people knew but didn't tell what Foley was like and what he was up too. I am discusted and ashamed and saddened beyond words. How dare these leaders think they can do and get away with this kinda Crap. It's evil no matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican.

Cajun Tiger said...

FI...I completely agree and the Repubs have done that. Speaker Hastert said pretty much what you said word for word. He left office in disgrace. Not a single Repub has tried to justify his actions.

However, when the same and even worse happens on the other side it isn't the same. In '92 a Dem congressman had sex with a 17 year old page, was caught, was only censored, never resigned, was given a standing ovation by the Dems twice. And that is just one example.

An investigation will bring out who knew what and when and my point is that more and more facts are coming out that point to the Dems and their allies as having known about this for years and never did anything. And the fact that it came out the day after the deadline for FL to replace Foley on the ballot is very telling.

I in no way condone what he did and if he broke any laws he should be punished. He also needs to get some major help. Anyone who knew about this behavior and withheld that info whether Repub or Dem should be punished as well. I definitely wasn't trying to gloss over what he did with this post.

The way the Dems are handling it is politics 101. Let one new piece of info leak a day that way the story remains in the headlines as long as possible, so that issues that should be being discussed 30 days before this election aren't. What one very sick Repub did is not a reflection of the party, but that is what the Dems are trying to make stick. I challenge anyone to find one Repub who has not completely condoned his behavior as utterly wrong.

The leftist southpaw said...

Ther is no proof that Foley is a pedophile. His behavior is inexcusable, but it is not fair to call him something he has not proven to be.

CT, the word is "censured," not "censored."

Ron said...

This is not about the Rep. apologizing for having a pervert in their party. Foley has taken responsoblity for his actions and has resign. This is about one party finding a way to get an advantage over another, simple as that! The Dems are betting that the majority of Rep. will get so disgusted with this ONE pervert that they will stay home at election time. Be careful that you don't fall in their trap!

FeatherIron said...

If Foley hadn't been such a perv in the first place the Dems. wouldn't have anything to use.

Foley only took responsibility because he knew it was fixing to hit the fan.

When people like Barbara Streisand and Micheal Moore are given amunition like Foley to use at election time it just makes me furious at the powers that be in Washington. Not the President, but the Republicans who knew about this earlier and could have got this info out when it wouldn't effect the election so much. Why didn't Haster leak it earlier? I am just not buying that no one in the Rep. party knew about this all along so it is the Republican powers that are responsible for this mess.

LS- If Foley was sending E-mails asking for discriptions of genetalia of under age pages then he is a pedefile. He says now that he is gay, well was he "gay" with the underaged pages? That is illegal and immoral.

The leftist southpaw said...

uh, no, he is not. If I were to send you an email saying "I'm going to rob your house," does that make me a burglar?

The man has problems, but innocent until proven guilty. There is no evidence he engaged in sexual acts with someone underage.

Cajun Tiger said...

Southpaw...thanks for being consistent with waiting until the facts come out in a fair trail and not going in on the partisan rancor. Also thanks for the correction =)

Ron...that is exactly what they are hoping for and I for one will do my best for the next 30 days to make sure that doesn't happen by continuing to expose their hypocrisy. far there is no proof that any Repub had knowledge of the sexually explicit IMs so there was no way for them to "leak" it. And if they would have and didn't release the information the minute they found it, I'll be calling for their heads as well. If any of the investigations proves that anyone had knowledge of the IMs, I'll be the first in line asking for more resignations. However that goes for both sides of the aisle as well as any group that withheld info that could have been used to protect children but instead used the info to hurt political opponents.