Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Visiting Washington on Columbus Day

Had a great Columbus Day holiday with Mimi (for those of you who don't know yet, we have been dating just over a month now and she blows my mind daily with how incredible she is). We spent the day at Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington (the whole day was a complete surprise for her). I hadn't been since my ninth grade trip and she had never been. It could not have been a more beautiful day to be there...the weather was absolutely gorgeous as you can see in the pics. (rest of pics in Slide Show on MySpace page)

Started off with a Colonial Style lunch...then a river cruise...tour of the grounds...mansion tour (wasn't allowed to take pics inside)...then relaxing on the lawn watching the sunset. Finished the night with dinner at The Chart House, an awesome restaurant on the river in Old Town Alexandria. It was a perfect day!


FeatherIron said...

OMG you are quite the romatic charmer! Sounds like a dream date :-)

Cajun Tiger said...

It totally was a great date!!!

Ron said...

You go Boy!! Does Mimi have a sister?;)

Cajun Tiger said...

Ron...she has three actually, but one's married

Mimi said...

A gentle softly Autumn breeze,
Whispering the passion through the trees.

Where my reflection is imprinted in your eyes of blue,
Straight thorough to your soul and it's true.

The desire burns deep within my core,
Your innocent smile that I will eternally adore.

Forever have I dreamt of a glorious memory as such,
With dedication of a Thank You very much.

We prayed, we laughed, and we held hands,
Everything was perfect just as God planned.

Cajun Tiger said...

Told ya'll she was incredible =) Beautiful poem sweetie!

DeanAaron said...

I'm gonna barf.

Cajun Tiger said...

Now don't be jealous Dean =)

Nick said...

"Love. It's a mudda f--er."
- the short order cook in "Old School"

Shane, my wife has a Myspace. I'll have to find out the name and let you know. Maybe search for Cherie Bouterie. I'm not sure how you locate people on that thing.

Cajun Tiger said...

Did the name search and couldn't find her. She should be able to search for my name and find me and then send me a friend request.

jason said...

Hey Shane,
That sounded like an awesome day. My brother lived in Colonial Beach for a while, it was awesome to take his boat out on the bay. I do miss the US, only 80 something days left.
So I heard Mt. Vernon got an overhaul, they updated all the exhibits and made it high tech. How was it?

Cajun Tiger said...

We just missed the new opened two weeks after we were there...the day was still great even without the new stuff though.