Friday, October 20, 2006

Mistakes of 1974

John O'Neill has written a very interesting article about the mistakes and subsequent results of the 1974 election and the possibility of repeating the same mistakes this year. It is an interesting read and warning that definitely merits attention.


Mike's America said...

That article is an excellent reminder of what has happened in 1974 when the "throw the bums out" wave took hold of American politics.

Of course it was only the Republican "bums" who got thrown out.

The Democrat bums that stayed or were sent to Washington to take over from the GOP bums ended up cutting and running in Vietnam and caused not only a human disaster with the deaths of 4 million South Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians, but also the election of Carter later on which nearly lost us the Cold War.

And that lesson from Vietnam should be a warning to all those who think that things in Iraq are bad now. Imagine the nightmare should be cut and run again.

Kayne said...

I was -1 then. haha

Cajun Tiger said...

Mike...very well said as always. are you trying to say it wasn't your fault being you weren't born yet ;)