Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So It Is a Baby???

There is a slight uproar in England over a hospital burning the aborted babies (they use the word fetus) in the trash incinerator and how undignified that is. However several times the fetus is referred to as a baby. Once even by a woman who had an abortion and is now "furious" over how her baby was treated with such indignity.

So let me get this straight. People are furious and outraged about where an aborted baby is burned...seems to me this wouldn't even be an issue if they hadn't aborted the baby in the first place!!! What a tangled web we weave.


jason said...

It just proves in my mind how twisted and confused the world is concerning the whole subject. If a fetus is nothing more than lifeless matter or a clump of undeveloped cells then their shouldn't be any more of an attachemnt to it than the fat sucked out from their Lipo. Nobody complains about how they dispose of chunks of fatty tissue.

Cajun Tiger said...

Jason...very good point.

Nick said...

I second Jason's point.