Monday, October 16, 2006

Finally Working

Well it only took 13 days for me to get access to my computer and start working. Can you imagine taking that long in a private company...people would get fired in a heartbeat...however with government workers it is business as usual. Government bureaucracy never ceases to amaze me. Now if I can get a building badge by the end of this week and stop having to ring the door bell to get in the office and walk around with a visitor badge, I'll be completely good to go.


Alex said...

: )

Madelyn said...

Shane, I'm enjoying reading your blog. My husband & I have recently returned to La. from Baghdad & I'm especially enjoying your fruits of the spirit posts.

Cajun Tiger said...

alex... =)

madelyn...glad ya'll made it home safe and glad you enjoy the site. Please come back as often as you like and join in the discussions =)

Kayne said...

About time you get off your butt, and start working! :P HAHA
Love ya brother!