Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All is Well

Due to the rocket attack yesterday on Camp Victory that is getting lots of news coverage, just wanted to let everyone know I'm ok =) And also while I can't talk about any more details than what is in the article, know that in addition to the bad news of the Iraqi casualities, there was even more good news than being reported on the response to the attack and more intel that was gained that gave more insight into these so-called "Iraqi suspects" that were captured.


Dee said...

Glad you are okay and thank-ful for the good news.

Heather said...

Hey cajun, thanks for visiting my blog! How did you find me? Do you happen to know my husband? I'm praying for everyone that's over there, it's nice to know of another Christian over there too!


Cajun Tiger said...


Heather...part of my job here is to monitor news reports and blogs so your reference to Camp Victory came up on my radar. Thanks for your prayers!!! We definitely appreciate it!!!

I don't think I know your husband. I didn't recognize him in the pics, but people look a lot different in uniform than in civilian clothes so I may have run into him and just don't remember him. If for some reason he is looking for some Christian fellowship, there is a men's group that I participate in on Thursday nights at 1900 in the main chapel on Victory. We usually have about 10-15 guys each week and right now we are going through the study, Authentic Manhood.

Heather said...

Wow...that's quite a reminder to be careful what I am talking about! My friend e-mailed me today and told me I should take my husband's name off the blog and not mention his exact location, so I did. Then I had gotten your comment and it freaked me out! So thank you for the explanation. I am glad you saw it though, I told my husband aboout the study. Unfortunately he is still working at that time, he doesn't usually get off till around midnight every night. I'll be praying that he can go though, I think he would enjoy that. God Bless!

Cajun Tiger said...

There wasn't anything wrong in your post that would put your husband in danger. I do agree you shouldn't have his full name anywhere on there b/c what has happened in the past is that idiots will take that name and try to find your address and then send stuff saying he is dead trying to make it look like official DOD stuff. Not something you want to receive no matter how fake it is. I know my name is on my blog, but when I was here the first time I was totally anonymous, then when I went home not thinking I'd come back I put my name up. My family knows not to believe anything without a personal visit incase something like that were to happen.