Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Start Your Engines!!!

Yesterday's post of all the cooling events so far this year, which are also listed in this article, were all anecdotal evidences and even adds more. However, the 5 global temperature tracking outlets, including NASA, have now confirmed the anecdotal evidence that this past year has indeed cooled as sited in the above article as well. It has cooled so much in fact that it has erased the warming of the last 100 years. And the culprit? THE SUN. As I have shown on here many times, the sun is proving to have way more of an effect on global temperatures than any so called manmade greenhouse gases.

Also in the above article, if this cooling CYCLE continues on the same trend as last year, it could have major damaging effects because "cold is more damaging than heat." So, for the good of the planet, let's start our engines...let's burn more coal...let's run those heaters...let's do all the things that the manmade global warming fear mongers have tried to stop us from doing b/c if we don't we may be in far more danger!

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