Monday, February 18, 2008

The Epitome of Hypocrisy

So, when Clinton was the presumptive nominee back in September, she supported the DNC's rule to punish Florida and Michigan for breaking the rules by not seating their delegates. Now that the race is so close and she has a very real chance of losing she is calling for both states' delegates to be seated with claims of disenfranchisment. hypocrisy there at all. I'm sure she would be fighting just as hard for this if she had lost both states.


Mimi said...

No particular thoughts or comments to the post besides just letting you know that I DO read them and leaving my mark! =)


Flag Gazer said...

I've been trying to warn a young friend - foolishly an Obama supporter - of the swamp yet to come - the MI and FL delegates - tell me again why her highnesses name was the only one on those ballots - and the superdelegate fanagalling to come... should be an interesting year...

Mike's America said...

Since our own GOP race went down the crapper, at least we can stand and marvel as the Dems tear each other apart.

I have a friend planning to cast his vote in Texas for Hillary. I can't imagine doing such a thing myself, but if Hillary wins Texas and Ohio the issue of the Florida and Michigan delegates will be raised front and center. If Obama wins, it won't matter.

And the more Hillary trys to screw Obama with technicalities and tricks the better it is for our side (such as it is).

P.S. You heard from any of your Rudy friends lately?

Cajun Tiger said...

Sweetie...thanks for leaving your mark =)

Gazer and will be fun to watch.

Mike...yeah I've talked with them...not much to say but oh well.