Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dave Ramsey Rocks!

I've heard the name Dave Ramsey several times over the years and I've had one of his books, Financial Peace Revisited for a couple of years now and just recently bought his latest book, The Total Money Makeover. I'm not sure why I never read them until now, but I wish I had read them sooner! As I'm sure you have noticed, I've been doing a lot of reading even for me since I've been over here. Right before I left in August, I packed a big stack of books that I wanted to read while here and these two books were in that stack. I finally got around to reading them in November and got completely fired up.

He lays out a very simple to understand process that is completely doable if you set you mind to it and follow the plan. I highly recommend both books. The first one gives a lot of background and the second one really gets to the meat of the matter. Then you can go to the website, My Total Money Makeover, and it walks you step by step through your personal plan with very fun graphics, an online budget tool, and a community message board that is extremely helpful due to being filled with others going through the same process.

He also has a podcast of his daily radio show that you get for free if you sign up for the MTMMO website. My favorite calls are the ones that people call in to scream, "I'M DEBT FREE!!!" followed by the Mel Gibson scream of "FREEDOM!!!" from Braveheart.

I'm looking forward to starting a Financial Peace University class if not here on base, definitely when I get back. I tried doing the online version, but the internet connection here isn't consistent enough. This is a 13 week class where a group of people go through the classes together and then have small group accountability. I'm sick and tired of seeing so many people struggling with money due to being told all the wrong things about debt and how it is ruining so many lives and marriages.

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Maria said...

My husband and I took Financial Peace University last summer and it was excellent. We are now on the My Total Money makeover site and are working hard to pay off our debt. Best of luck to you too!
PS My DH (Marines) fought in Iraq in 2003.