Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Al Gore Was Right!

Al Gore has said over and over in his "manmade" global warming doomsday predictions that due to the warming farmland would be reduced to deserts and the poor, especially in places like Africa, would suffer massive starvation. Well, it seems he finally got something right.

The only problem is he is part of the cause, not the solution. A report has just come out by the UN's Food And Agriculture Administration that shows that due to the rush to use corn for ethanol to stop "manmade" global warming (which oh by the way has never been proven to be a fact despite the so called "consensus") a crisis is developing in the poorer nations due to shortages of food.

The amount of corn it takes to fill up one car can feed a child for a year! I've said over and over that it is a major moral issue to me that we use one grain of corn for fuel as long as there still is any child dying from starvation in the world. So in an effort to get governments to regulate something that there is no proof is actually occurring, children in the meantime are actually dying. Way to go Al Gore!

Hopefully this new information will stop Bush from going over the proverbial edge on this as it is reported he is preparing to do and not given any more credence to this ridiculous propaganda that is now having deadly consequences.


Cajun Huguenot said...

The Law of Unintended Consequences is always waiting in the wings ready to bite you on the butt when ever you push any form of socialism.


Mike's America said...

And how much energy does it take to convert all that corn into ethanol?

I think the corn into ethanol genie is already out of the bottle. As soon as the govt started subsizdizing ethanol production the farmer's lobby latched onto yet another subsidy and will never give it up.

There's a smart way to achieve energy independence while we transition to a hydrogen energy economy but Democrats will never allow us to do it.

Cajun Tiger said...

Yeah, it's called nuclear and ANWR =)