Sunday, April 06, 2008

Depends What the Definition of Refused Health Care Is

Once again Clinton has been busted for telling a story that is completely devoid of the truth. This incident comes under the health care banner. Several times during her stump speeches she has related a story of a woman in Ohio who was refused health care b/c she didn't have health insurance or $100, and because of the refusal of service, her and her baby died. Tragic tale for sure, if it were true.

The problem with the story is the woman not only was she never denied service, but she also had insurance. Her baby was born stillborn and she died two weeks later of complications all under full care of the hospital.

In typical Clinton fashion she is trying to pass the blame to someone else. Sorry...that doesn't work. It is the responsibility of the campaign to verify such stories and failure to do so puts them in the position of error, not the person who told it based on a secondhand conversation. Of course several newspapers have reported it as fact as well, due to Clinton saying it, without verifying it either. Nice accoutability journalism there!


Cajun Huguenot said...

It is normal for both. The liberal world is always looking for any excuse (even lies) to force socialised meds on us.


Flag Gazer said...

Hillary is lying so much more - I think she is loosing it.