Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Fun Continues

The results of last night Dem primary in PA could not have been more beneficial to John McCain. With Clinton winning by double digits, there is no way she will get out now which means it will go for at least another two weeks until the next major primaries in IN and NC.

The reason this is so helpful to McCain is that the longer they continue to have to fight each other, the less time they have to fight him. Also, the more divided the Dems become as they get behind their candidate the harder to win over for the eventual winner. Recent polling is showing that 1 in 7 Clinton supporters and 1 in 4 Obama supporters will either stay home or vote for McCain if their candidate doesn't win. That is very good news for the McCain camp.


Dee said...

I was saying on the radio show that McCain is almost guaranteed a win because the Dems are so divided. This will probably drag out till August. If it does, that leaves less than 3 months for the Dem candidate to fund raise and to run against McCain. That leaves them at a HUGE disadvantage.

McCain may win both the nomination and the election by default. Hard to believe.

Mike's America said...

Once the Dems pick their nominee and as the election gets closer I expect that many of these folks who say they will not vote if their guy/gal isn't nominated will return to the fold.

But there is just enough clear weakness for Obama in much of middle America that McCain stands a good chance. And I wouldn't have said that a month or two ago.

There are so many stories, written by liberals, worrying that they are about to nominate another McGovern using their superdelegate process which was designed to prevent just that from happening.