Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Oink Report

The Oink Report is a great blog I found (hat tip: Muth's Truths) that points out all the wasteful spending through earmarks. This is definitely a site to add to your list. Here are just two of the items listed recently:
  • Indiana community receives $1 million federal grant, and will lobby for an earmark for more, to extend by three miles a walking path which is expected to cost $3 million (that's $1 million per mile!!!)
  • For 2008, Congress has funded 11,610 pork projects– the second highest total ever — costing taxpayers $17.2 billion (Repubs are just as bad offenders as Dems which shows they still haven't learned the lessons of '06)

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Flag Gazer said...

Important Pig Book facts`
which presidential candidate took $0 in pork????

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