Sunday, April 27, 2008

Toby Keith Rocks!!!

Above Photo Credit goes to Sarah due to me being a lot further back and only having blurry pics =)

When I was here in '06, one of my two favorite USO shows was Toby Keith, the other being Charlie Daniels. Once again Keith came to Iraq last night as he has come every year since the war started and performed an awesome concert. Last night's show was his 115th in Iraq since 2003! He has also been all over Afghanistan as well as many other bases around the world. That shows he doesn't just pop in and do a show here on Camp Victory to punch his support the troops card like some do, but he actually goes all over the country putting himself in actual danger b/c unlike Clinton's Bosnia sniper fire lie he has had to take unintended breaks due to incoming, but as soon as the all clear sounded the show resumed.

As you can see from the second two photos above, the troops and many others showed their appreciation with a huge turnout. Those pictures only represent about maybe 1/4th of the full crowd of several thousand there last night.

Also he announced that if any US military member goes to any of his bars across the country named I Love This Bar after one of his popular songs and shows their military id, they eat free. Now that is really supporting the troops!

Thanks Toby Keith for your great support for everyone here and for all you do to support our awesome US military!


Mimi said...

and why Toby Keith can visit Camp Victory but I can't?!?!?! >.<

Dee said...

Anyone willing to do USO shows rises so high on my respect level. Very cool and I'm glad you got to go!!