Sunday, May 25, 2008

Double Digit Midget

When you spend a lot of time around the military you pick up their lingo. Anyone care to guess the meaning of my title?

Obviously double digit is self explanatory meaning less than 100.

When someone is getting close to finishing their deployment the common saying is you are "getting short."

While not maybe the nicest way to imply being short, a midget definitely fits that description.

So...double digit midget means.....drum roll of today, I have less than 100 days left in Iraq!!!! When I become a single digit midget I'll be very excited indeed =)


Timothy said...

Ah yes. I remember those days well. In the Coast Guard, we had short-timers chains, where we would remove a link every day, especially after we got under 100 days. Then whenever the Chief would gripe us out, we would pull it from our pockets and start twirling it on our fingers, and smile. Needless to say, that didn't lead to any peace with the Chief. :)

Nancy said...

You go, boy. I'm glad you're getting so short. That Rocks!!! xoxo

smile-n-cajan said...

that is cool! can't wait to see you. by the way i posted another blog just for you!

Cajun Tiger said...

Tim...can totally relate =)

Nanc...yeah buddy!!!

snc...can't wait to see ya'll as well! Thanks for the heads up about the post...going over right now =)