Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nationalize US Oil Companies???

The liberal socialist agenda is put in full view during the hearings on high gas prices with the oil execs.


Dee said...

I just saw this at someone else's blog. Unbelievable!! Maxine Waters is scary for so many reasons. She is one of the most ignorant women I've ever seen. How she ever got elected and then continues to get re-elected is unfathomable to me.

These Shell oil guys rock, their responses both times were right on.

Nick said...

Boy...if only Duncan Hunter could un-seat her and become the other CA Senator.

Cajun Tiger said...

Dee...her ideaolgy is definitely very dangerous to all we hold dear.

Nick...she is in the House not the Senate, but I share your desire for him to take out one of their Senators...have you heard he is considering running?

Cajun Tiger said...

wow...i really mangled that word...lol...her ideology also is just as dangerous =)