Friday, May 02, 2008

Lowering Expectations

Global warming is haulting? I thought we were on the brink of the point of no return? Don't worry though, the manmade global warming hypers aren't completely throwing in the towel. Research is showing that the oceans are cooling again...hmmm...why does CYCLE keep going through my head...and because of this it will, according to the alarmist, hide the effects of manmade global warming for about 10 years.

Don't mind the fact that there is a lot of research that shows it is the warming oceans that release the most CO2 into the atmosphere and not humans, so CO2 goes up after warming not causing the warming.

And why you wonder are the alarmist so scared of this new turn of events. Well the last statement in the article above says it all...they are worried that ExxonMobile (ie...evil big oil companies) will take this new cooling trend to stop all the work to end manmade global warming. Granted they ignore the billions of dollars they themselves get from governments. I'm sure that is no motivation whatsoever for them to keep sounding the alarm no matter the evidence...nah...they would never do something like that.

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