Friday, May 09, 2008

What A Cool Year This Has Been

While it has been a neat year so far, the cool I'm referring to here is the temperature.

In March, it was reported that the past winter (Dec - Feb) was the coolest in the last 7 years and the 54th coolest since 1895.

Then in April, March was reported to be the 52nd coolest since 1895.

And now the report for April just came out...wait for it....waaaait for it...ok...I'll stop the was the 29th coolest since 1895! And let's not forget the many articles I could link of the record snowfall in many places that allowed some ski resorts to extend their season the longest in memory.

Seems to me that the CYCLE of warming is possibly coming to an end and now the CYCLE has started cooling again. Better rev up them engines to start releasing more CO2 or we might be headed to another ice age at this pace!

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