Saturday, June 14, 2008

31,000 Scientists Refute Manmade Global Warming

So much for the science being settled and there being a scientific consensus (which I still ask when has that ever been part of the scientific method?). Now a new report (not surprisingly I'm finding it almost two weeks after b/c it of course never appeared in the MSM) is out that has over 31,000 scientists, 9000 of which are PhDs (the UN's "consensus" report only had 2500 supposed scientists) stating that CO2 produced by humans is not causing global warming, which they accurately also point out peaked 10 years ago and has been cooling since.

Also the founder of the Weather Channel is once again bashing the claims of Gore and his enablers and showing how these erroneous claims are causing food shortages worldwide and one of the major reasons for the high gas prices. A very informative article everyone needs to read.

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Mike's America said...

I hope Coleman does sue Gore and force him to TRY and prove he isn't a FRAUD!

Gore has refused to debate anyone on this isue. He knows he can get away with saying his propaganda and never have it questioned in the mainstream media.

That's changing, but only slowly and we may get stuck with some assinine carbon credits tax before people wake up and realize they are being ripped off by the biggest scam of all time.