Friday, June 06, 2008

Would Serve Them Right

A woman in England tried to abort her 8 week old baby b/c she was afraid it would have major kidney problems and die young like her previous two kids. Well, the baby decided he wasn't ready to go just quite yet and survived the attempted abortion. Once discovered that at 19 weeks she will still pregnant, she ultimately decided to have the child.

Being the statue on attempted murder never runs out, it would serve them right if once he is old enough he would file an attempted murder charge on his parents.

Update: Ok, after a challenge from a friend on where is the balance of love with justice, I have to take back my thoughts above. I hope this new life will be a vessel used to show God's love and forgiveness to this family and they become advocates of that love by working to promote a culture of life instead of abortion on demand.

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FeatherIron said...

ok, good for your friend, I was about to be really disappointed.

God does use these kinds of situations to reach people such as the parents and others with such a testimony, that is what we need to pray for.

Besides, the top part doesn't fit you. I know your a merciful kind person. Thank God NONE of us get what we deserve.