Thursday, June 05, 2008

Obama, The Illegitimate Nominee

For 8 years all we have heard from liberals and the MSM over and over is that Bush is an illegitimate President because he didn't win the majority of the popular vote in 2000. Now by that same logic then Obama is an illegitimate Democratic nominee right being Clinton has won the majority of the popular vote? Don't hold your breath waiting for the MSM and the libs to be consistent with their logic though as it no longer serves their purpose.


Mike's America said...

What's worse is that the Dems Rules Committee assigned Obama delegates in Michigan even though HE had withdrawn his name from the ballot.

This just shows that to Democrats, there is only one rule: GET POWER.

Oh well, better for our side. Someone said that Obama is the only Dem that could make John Kerry look electable.

Anonymous said...

Great point homie! -Tommy Boy

Ian McGibboney said...

Hillary leads in the popular vote only if Michigan counts, a state in which Obama had taken his name off the ballot. "Uncommitted" received only 90,141 votes fewer than Hillary (328,309-238,168).

Hillary had originally supported the unseating of Michigan and Florida, and Obama took his name off the Michigan ballot when it was clear the vote wouldn't count. Hillary reversed course only when she was losing, and had been relying on superdelegate votes for months - arguably the least-democratic aspect of this process. In all mathematical scenarios, she was eliminated months ago. And Obama's supposed to be the illegitimate one?

Incidentally, the parallel between this race and the general election of 2000 is superficial. The latter involved state and federal officials with close ties to the Bush campaign making crucial ballot decisions. That may be fine for a party's nomination, but it has no business in a close presidential election.

Ian McGibboney said...
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Ian McGibboney said...

By the way, cited numbers come from here.

Cajun Tiger said...

Oh yeah Brower county is full of Bush supporters that made all the decisions there. And 7 of the 9 Supremes were all Bush loyalists.

Sorry can't have it both ways...either every majority rule counts or the rules count. Let's try and at least be consistent.