Monday, June 09, 2008

Combat Showers

I've learned a new term recently, Combat Showers. We are experiencing a VERY dry summer due to hardly any rain this past winter and spring, so the commanders on Camp Victory and other connected bases are putting in water preservation measures. One of those is combat showers.

When it was first announced that we should all start using this showering method, I at first thought it meant to just get in and out as quick as possible, no lingering around under a hot or cold shower to relax or cool off. That however is not the case.

A combat shower for you non-initiated like myself is even more involved and saves even more water than that method. The basic idea is if you aren't using the water to rinse, you turn it off. So you wet your hair, then turn off the water while you are shampooing. Turn it back on to rinse shampoo and lather up the soap, then turn it off while scrubbing. Then turn it back on one last time to rinse off...shower over. We are also using the on and off rinse method for shaving and brushing our teeth.

So, if you want to feel some solidarity with the soldiers and others out here then feel free to adopt the combat shower method and you may even save on your water bill as well. Then use your new found savings to stimulate the economy or at least help with the gas bill =)


Mimi said...

I've been there and done that =).

Consider "combat shower" is still sooo much better than how African would take their baths?!

Cajun Tiger said...

Wasn't complaining, just explaining =)

Jeff said...

i had a french foreign exchange student live with my family for several months in the 90s. He did the same thing for his showers. Maybe you can start calling them french showers too