Monday, February 12, 2007

The Cooling World

Two posts ago I linked to an article of a Canadian climatologist stating that in the 70's the big scare was not global warming, but instead global cooling. Here is an article written in Newsweek in 1975 stating that very thing!!! How much money would have been wasted if we had listened to the "almost unanimous meteorologists and scientists" back then? This should definitely give you pause on the hysteria being cause now by the "consensus of scientists" proclaiming the end of the world due to warming now.


Mike's America said...

It's too hot --- manmade climate change.

It's too cold --- manmade climate change

Too many hurricanes --- manmade climate change.

No hurricanes --- ooops. Hope no one notices.

And no one does notice that these people who are trying to scare us all into another version of their failed socialist fantasy have been wrong about every doom and gloom prediction they have made.

Cajun Tiger said...

It truly is sad Mike.