Friday, February 16, 2007

Cowardly and Despicable Part 2

Today the House voted on and passed a non-binding resolution saying they don't support the President's troop surge by a margin of 246-182, which included 17 sorry, spineless Repubs and two heroic Dems (Gene Taylor (MS) & Jim Marshall (GA) - good to see there are some Dems, however few, that still have a brain and a backbone - please take a minute and go to their sites and thank them for standing with the troops and America!) who crossed party lines. The Senate will attempt a similar vote tomorrow, but it will be blocked by the Repubs who still have a backbone as well.

What does this resolution that took 4 DAYS to debate do? NOTHING!!! Well, nothing except put our troops more at risk and embolden our enemies. Then again, that's what most Dems are best at, so I'm really not surprised one bit just extremely saddened.

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Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Despicable is right!!!!!!! Those 17 cowardly Republicans need to know I'm not going to forget this vote.

I am also going to call the 2 lone Democrats and give them praise where praise is due.

Gotcha linked to my post on this.