Friday, February 02, 2007

My New House

Check my MySpace page for pics of my new house =)


Meme said...

Shane your home is nice. The closets have alot of space. The paintings by "Mimi" are awesome.Your furniture and curtains are nice. Congrats to you and Mimi on a job well done. I told dad that you sent pictures on your new apartment instead of house. He said that I still call it an apartment because I still think you will come home one day. I know that your home is over there now and our home is your home away from home now. I hope every day you make wonderful memories,like we have in our home. Love you,

Kayne said...

The link you have for your myspace is wrong. You have a comma after the www I guess with the new house you forget how to do other things. haha Just messin.

It's an awesome house. Better leave that guest room open if I ever make a trip back up there.

Cajun Tiger said...

Mom...i still make the same mistake too =)

Thanks Kayne...I fixed it.