Friday, February 02, 2007

Do You STILL Have No Faith?

After Jesus calmed the storm in Mark 4:35:41, he rebuked the disciples' lack of faith with the line, "Do you still have no faith?" As Todd, our teaching pastor at Frontline, mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the word 'still' really sticks out in that phrase. Jesus is saying that after all you have seen me do, do you STILL not have faith in me.

I heard Him say that to me last night. After buying my house in December, several financial 'storms' hit at once. While I did feel I had faith to know that is was in God's hands, the last couple of days, I was getting a bit anxious as some deadlines were quickly approaching. So, while I hadn't taken it into my own hands just yet, I started in the back of my mind trying to figure out how "I" will take care of it if it wasn't handled soon.

Then last night I did my taxes and my refund is the exact amount I need to take care of all the 'storms.' That verse quickly came to my head with the thought, after all you have seen Me do for you these last 5 years especially, do you STILL not have complete faith?

Then right after the thought came that said, you have been faithful in your giving, so I will bless you as I promised I would in Mal 3:10. What put me over the top in my refund was when I entered the amount I gave last year in tithes and offerings of support for a couple different ministries. The refund more than doubled. I'm so glad I serve a God who keeps all of His promises.


Meme said...

Yes, I believe God is with us all the time. Whenever we seem to have money problems something happens to change things. All our life experiences happen for a reason. You have to keep faith. Even though, sometimes we loose it for a little while, it brings us back.God is awesome!!!!!!Amen!!!!!
The song by Rascle F. "My Wish" says what my wish for you, your brother and sister is.When I heard that song for the first time I thought of you'll and thought that is something like the prayer I pray for you'll. When you listen to the words remember thats also my wish and prayer to you'll.

Cajun Tiger said...

Mom...that is a great song and very true. I love you =)

ltl4christ said...

When things seem to be unraveling, just remember who is knitting all things together for good. And we know that all things God works for the good of those who love Him. The promises of God are for you, you can be sure that God will take care of everything you need. And God’s timing is perfect!