Monday, February 26, 2007

More Inconvenient Facts

The UN's panel on climate change sharply disagreed with AlGore's piece. Wait, you didn't know that? You mean you never heard that in the main stream media? Well, you aren't alone, because I didn't know that either. In fact AlGore's figures are 2000% higher than the UN's report, which itself has lots of holes.

Gore's propaganda piece says the oceans will rise 20 FEET as opposed to a possible 8 to 17 INCHES by the panel's report. The 17 INCHES is also considered very high according to a Nobel winner who is an expert in the field and not a political correct sycophant. Gore also sites Greenland's rapidly shrinking ice, but the latest data shows an actual decrease in the shrink and the South Pole is actually increasing.

Don't hold your breath to hear any of that by the Hollywood elite or the MSM.

On a separate note but definitely no surprise, Gore's mega mansion in TN uses 20x more energy than the average American household and the energy consumption has actually increased since the release of his piece.


Jenny said...

We are killing this earth every day. We need to sign the Kyoto Treaty at once!

Cajun Tiger said...

Kyoto would do nothing being it nearly completely exempts to the two biggest offenders...China and India. It is nothing more than a sham "treaty" to punish the US.