Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Two Cents on Da Vinci Code

You know, as soon as all the threats of protests and boycotts start, film makers start smiling because it usually means big bucks at the theaters. "The Da Vinci Code" will probably by all indications do just that, even albinos are now protesting.

Here's my two cents. I picked up the book a few weeks ago to see what all the fuss was about first hand.

It is very entertaining. The style reminded me a lot of the "Left Behind" series which kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. However, it is FICTION. It is no more reality than the recent movie, "National Treasure" or "Raiders of the Lost Ark," both of which used similar ideas used in Da Vinci Code about secret organizations and wild conspiracies to paint a fun adventure. If the movie captures that feeling, it will be a great movie.

First and foremost, if your faith in Christ is rocked after reading a Fiction book or watching a movie, then that faith wasn't very strong to begin with.

Second, Christians should welcome the chance to debate the "facts" in the book with the Truth. The three main ones being: the Divinity of Christ, the reliability of the Bible, and attitude toward women in the Church and the Bible.

Third, while I haven't decided yet if I will see the movie or not being I've already read the book, this does show the rest of the world how a civilized religion responds to attacks on their religion and their most revered figure.

Can you imagine if instead of Christ, the book talked about Mohammed in such blatantly false pretenses. The entire Arab world (not just the radicals) would be burning down embassies and calling for the heads of anyone involved in the book or even read the book.

Unlike Mohammed, Christ taught to love your enemy, not cut their heads off.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

My only concern is those who don't much about Christianity will believe some of the lies.

ron said...

You know it bothers me that Howard and Hanks have done this movie! I like these guys. They should have used better judgment and just left it alone.

The Mother Load said...

LMC - follow up that concern with giving guidance to those that are ignorant.

CT - Amen, a measly little movie is not going to rock my faith.

Meme said...

There are classes being held at church to talk about this and reinforce our belief. Like you said it is fiction but the way the world is now I hope to God that our young people doesn't believe anything about the movie for their sakes in the future. There are too many kids nowadays not being brought up to know what is right and wrong about our religion.

The leftist southpaw said...


do you feel the same way about "Passion of the Christ," which many also believe to be a fictional account?

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

My church is doing a Bible Study on it also showing the lies as compared to the Bible. So in that way it is good.

But my concern comes from my awareness that my generation and younger watch more movies than they read. There are a lot of uneducated 20 year olds out there who will watch this and say, "That sounds right to me." But God is also bigger than a Hollywood movie so I'm not going to sweat it too much.

People can say "The Passion" was a fictional account but it follows the Bible to a T. So it is an accurate reflection of the Bible. But I guess if people think the Bible is fictional than it would be to them.

ron said...

Galatians 1:6-9

FeatherIron said...

I have a book, "Cracking DaVinci's Code" it has the historical facts that refute "The DaVinci Code". It also speaks to Dan Browns comment that "history is just the winner's version of what happened" He is very good at weaving fact with fiction and making room for a person to refuse written history all together with comments like that above. I had no desire to read his book that is why I got the "Cracking.." one so I would know what it said and how to discuss it with the lost. I think it is dangerous and all Christian's should be prepared with fact to refute his fiction. From what I have read so far though, the movie is not good so hopefully it wont be a blockbuster.

FeatherIron said...

Leftist, Many, as in all people who don't believe in Christ, say it is fiction all the time. We, as Christians, do what we can to convince them that not only did it happen, (very simular to the way Mel Gibson depicted it) but that it was the culmination of a sinless life born of a virgin by the son of God to redeem all man kind.
Take a minute to consider how many of the worlds greatest thinkers, Atheist, scholars, were converted to Christianity after trying to prove it was all fiction; C.S. Lewis, Charles Colson, G.K. Chesterton, and I can not think of his name to save my life but he was a long time atheist who recently came out as having converted to Christianity based on the Historical proof. C.S. Lewis was all about studying the history-it proved the gospel story.How many have been unconvinced by the proof of History? I would love to research the numbers on both sides, maybe I will. But regardless the proof is there and to be found. I know Christian's have given a poor reflection of the salvation we walk in, I am truly sorry for that, but that does not negate the truth.

The leftist southpaw said...


There is a great expanse between fact and fiction. I do not believe the bible is fiction- nor do I believe everything in it is fact. I believe it is historical, but not history. I believe many of the people depicted in it did exhist, but I doubt sincerely that they all did the things the bible says they did. I do not believe Methuselah lived 900 years. I do not believe that Moses literally parted the Red Sea.

As for biblical accuracy, consider this piece from "Christianity Today":

The film's violence has been defended as a sign of its historical realism and biblical accuracy, but one of the more striking and impressive things about The Passion is just how much artistic license it takes with its source material. Gibson erroneously identifies Mary Magdalene with the woman caught in adultery, and his depiction of the Crucifixion owes more to medieval art than modern scholarship. Taking their cue from historians and archaeologists, nearly every film and miniseries produced since the 1970s—including Campus Crusade's Jesus film and The Visual Bible's recent Gospel of John—has depicted Jesus carrying only a crossbeam, being nailed through his wrists, being crucified naked, or some combination thereof. Gibson rejects all of these details, though he does, oddly, have the thieves carry crossbeams, while Jesus carries his full cross.

So, there is only one example, yet it refutes the premise of LMC that it "follows the Bible to a T."

ron said...

Southpaw, the wonderful thing about the Bible is that it is full of ordinary people who do extradinary things, through faith in an incredible all-loving, powerful God.

You simply can not cherry pick parts of the Bible that you think are "factual" from parts that you think are "fictional". Eventually, you like everyone else will have to make a choice. Do you believe or not?

Now you know that movies that are "based on true stories", usually have a little added Hollywood touch to them. Example: "The Ten Commandments". It may not be to a "T" but it's close enough.:)

FeatherIron said...

Yes, I said very simular to Mel Gibsons account in "The Passion". Nit-picky things that are huge to some may be debated but my point is The DaVinci code writer, Dan Brown, stated in interviews that the history we get is the winners version of what happened. He is all for throwing out the parts of History that do not fit this new gospel he is selling with The DaVinci code but holding onto the history he uses to interweave in his story to make it believeable. The story Mel Gibson told, is backed by history, not just christian, but pagan history verifies the events happened, whether he actually carried a whole cross or not.
Have you ever considered hyperbole and medephor in the bible to teach a leasson? The things you say you believe are fiction may be stories told by the greatest story teller, the invertor of stories, God, to relay to us an eternal and real truth. I have a list of questions for GOd when I get to heaven; where did Cane's wife come from? Stuff like that because many think it's all literal, I think some we must take the wisdom from the story, what God was trying to tell us and some we just will not know why it was in there until we see Him. The bible is though, the inspired word of God, the metaphors, hyperboles and unexplainable, given to us to study so we can know how to live life for Him. It is not fiction.

The leftist southpaw said...

Featherion, you mention "hyperbole and medephor (sic) in the bible to teach a leasson?"

That is very close to what I believe. Which makes Ron's point ridiculous. These "stories" are metaphors, in my opinion, to teach us values and morals. But that does not make them true.

I can "cherry pick" if that is my belief. Nothing bothers me more than someone who puts limits on spirituality and faith. Each person must decide for themselves how to lead a life, that is hopefully strong, good, and productive. My values and my religious beliefs help me do that- and whether passages in the Torah and the Talmud are true or metaphoric, they make a difference to me.

FeatherIron said...

I don't think what Ron said is rediculous, he believes in a literal translation of the bible. I believe God told story telling, was the creator of all things including the allegory, medaphor etc. I do not think teachings from other religions can say the same. You may get some good life lessons from them but the bible is to show us how to live for the creator-God. It is to be studied, not just read because everyting we need is in there.
Hey, are you really a southpaw? I am left handed.
oh and, I like the Bill Clinton facilited agreement with big Soda companies to stop them in schools. My daughter is a type one diabetic, she was diagnoised at 2. She doesn't have the kind brought on by weight and diet but so many kids do and will at the rate this country is going so I aplaud Clinton's work on that front. Irony is my husband has worked for Coca Cola for 11 yrs! Don't tell his boss :-0

ron said...

Southpaw, you only believe in the things that you see are possible. Things that you know can be explained or rationalized. That simple is not faith nor spiritually! (Hebrews 11).

The leftist southpaw said...


it is faith and spirituality to me. Isn't that all that matters? The bible itself teaches us to question everything, to seek out truth and guidance through reason. Abraham questioned the wisdom of God, Moses questioned the directions of God, Joseph questioned the love of his brothers, and so on. It is my opinoin that only through questioning, and seeking out answers for oneself (with the guidance of God) can we acheive a full understanding of our the past, present, and future of our respective faiths.


yes, I am left handed. Go to for some left-handed news and humor.

ron said...

Southpaw, your right people questioned God back then as we do today. The point that I was trying to make is that we only see the things of God here "partially". We will not "fully" understand things until we reach heaven. I am not saying that we should not ask questions or search out truth. I just get concerned when people try to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the Bible. To me, that only leads to confusion.

I must say that I wish that I was as articulate and well-versed as you and CT. Your exchanges with Shane are really good.

Cajun Tiger said...

Looks like I've been missing a very lively debate...I've been out sick for the last two days.

Southpaw...the fundemental flaw in your arguement, "Each person must decide for themselves how to lead a life," is that you are the one deciding what is good and bad. Now that isn't an attack on you personally, but rather an attack on the idea of any one individual deciding for themself what they think is right and wrong or good and bad.

There are standards that transcend people and even governments. The Bible lays those standard out like no other book because it was inspired by the one who created the standards in the first place.

In my opinion, you can't pick and chose what you like out of the Bible. It doesn't give you that option. Either it is all fact or it is all fiction, but it can't be both.

Just like Christ. You can't say he was just a great teacher. He doesn't give you that option. Either he was a deranged lunatic, an exceptional liar, or exactly who He said He was, the one and only Son of God. Those are the only options.

We find more and more evidence every day that proves that the Biblical accounts are accurate portrayals of history. If that is the case, then that makes the other stuff contained in it more and more accurate as well.

The Mother Load said...

Looks like this debate will be argued for many centuries more. My main concern is the beliefs of myself and my children and husband. I'm sorry to say I don't have much time to spread the word beyond them.

By the way, not sure if anyone else has had these experiences on their homefront, but their was an actual protest with 30 or more people in front of the theater showing the movie. I don't believe this action was wise. I think it only sparked more interest and will as you said CT bring more profit to the movie.

The Mother Load said...
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Cajun Tiger said...

I definitely don't agree with protests outside a theater. That does nothing but further alienate people. A much smarter move would be to hand out info tracks about the Truth and be available for anyone who wanted to discuss the movie.