Monday, May 22, 2006

The Silence is Deafening!

I'm not surprised one bit by the lack of outrage by the Dems. Any time there is even a hint of a scandal for a Repub the calls for resignation are deafening. However, now with one of their own, Rep. Jefferson (D-LA), caught on tape taking a $100K bribe from an FBI informant, the silence is deafening!

Editor's Update: Here is a great post that really nails the Culture of Corruption. A little hint: neither party is free from blame.


Nick said...

I wonder if any of this current wave of Lafayette Dems. who have been flooding the Letter to Editors in the Advertiser about Republican corruption will bother to mention this. Jefferson was actually caught on tape, meaning REAL convicting evidence.

The leftist southpaw said...

Lack of outrage? When DeLay is indicted, the GOP calls it a "partisan witch hunt." When the Abramoff scandal breaks, the GOP says it's a problem for both parties- when not a single dem took money directly from Abramoff. Why should the dems be rushing to bring attention to this?

Didn't hear from Hastert on Cunningham, didn't hear from Boehner on Ney. The majority is not exactly setting a fine example for taking their own out back to the woodshed.

And by the way, the bet is still out there, CT. $100 says DeLay is convicted.

Cajun Tiger said...

Hmmm...let's see, I do believe Cunningham resigned his seat after convicting evidence was presented and rightfully so.

Delay's case is a witch hunt in TX and he will not be convicted on that. The Abromoff stuff is separate and I'm not sure how it will turn out. So far no evidence has been produced showing his guilt, so he still gets the benefit of the doubt until either proven guilty or new evidence comes out. With him resigning that seems to me something will come out, but to date nothing has.

You did mess up with one statement concerning Abramoff though...Harry Reid is right up there with Ney as a person of interest as well a couple of other Dems.

However, with Jefferson, the evidence is more than overwhelming and since you didn't say you agreed with anything I said about him, I'm assuming you don't think he should resign?

The leftist southpaw said...

If the evidence is as strong as reported, he should resign and stand trial.

Do you in turn agree that citing dems for their silence is misguided, since the GOP does the same when their people are investigated? Cunningham did resign, but the silence from the leadership was quite deafening on that front as well!

Cajun Tiger said...

Southpaw...before I answer your question I need you to answer one for me. Is Hastert and Boehner going on the floor and on every possible news channel calling for Jefferson's resignation?

I ask that in all honesty being I'm not privy to all the DC news like I normally am. From the limited articles I've seen about the story, I haven't seen them doing that. If that is the case then they are being consistent, unlike the Dems.

Jefferson being forced to resign was not the point of the post. I actually don't think he should be forced to resigned until proven guilty despite the overwhelming evidence without a trial. If he is stubborn enough to stick it out and gets re-elected despite the evidence that is the system we live in. If he is convicted then obviously he would have to.

So, that is my point. If the Repub leadership is quiet on this case as they may have been for Cunningham (I honestly don't remember) then they are being consistent unlike the Dems.

Oh and on another point. How come it is the Repubs who have a conference rule that if someone in leadership is only indicted they have to step down from the leadership position but the Dems don't?

As the post in my update states, both parties have problems with corruption b/c both parties have idiots, but so far I've only seen one party act consistent regardless of party.

The leftist southpaw said...

some news on the subject. not meant to prove any points, just an update, in the form of excerpts from yesterday's edition of "The Hill":

Hastert tells President Bush FBI raid was unconstitutional
By Patrick O’Connor

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) told President Bush yesterday that he is concerned the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) raid on Rep. William Jefferson’s (D-La.) congressional office over the weekend was a direct violation of the Constitution.

Hastert raised concerns that the FBI’s unannounced seizure of congressional documents during a raid of Jefferson’s Rayburn office Saturday night violated the separation of powers between the two branches of government as they are defined by the Constitution.

Hastert told reporters yesterday that he understands the reasons for the investigation but objected to the manner in which the raid was conducted.

“My opinion is they took the wrong path,” Hastert said. “They need to back up, and we need to go from there.”

Republican objections are independent of any facts in the corruption probe against Jefferson. Their complaints pertain solely to constitutional questions about the raid itself.

The issue is not clear-cut for both parties. Republicans have repeatedly cited the Jefferson probe as an example of Democratic malfeasance in the face of charges about their own “culture of corruption.” On the Democratic side of the aisle, the investigation itself undermines the effectiveness of their efforts to tar Republicans with the corruption issue.

Calling the Saturday-night raid an “invasion of the legislative branch,” House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) predicted the case would eventually be resolved in the Supreme Court and hinted that Congress would take further action. The majority leader said Hastert would take the lead on the issue because he is the chief constitutional officer in the House.

“I am sure there will be a lot more said about this,” Boehner said.

In the Speaker’s lengthy statement, Hastert complained that the seizure of legislative papers, no matter how innocuous, was a violation of the “the principles of Separation of Powers, the independence of the Legislative Branch, and the protections afforded by the Speech and Debate clause of the Constitution.”

“No member of Congress is above the law,” House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) told reporters yesterday. “I am concerned about the unprecedented exercising of authority over a separate branch of government and the execution of a search warrant without any communication with the leadership of this House.”

Hoyer said he agrees with Hastert’s concerns and was less than defensive of Jefferson.

“The institution has a right to protect itself against the executive branch going into our offices and violating what is the Speech and Debate Clause that essentially says, ‘That’s none of your business, executive branch,’” Hoyer said.

During his own briefing, Boehner joked with reporters that he was withholding his own strong reservations about the raid because of a staff request that he do so.

“I would like to say more, but I have been advised by my advisers that I shouldn’t,” Boehner said.

But after repeated questions, the majority leader expressed his full reservations about the Justice Department’s action.

“When I raise my right hand and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States, I mean it,” Boehner said, referring to the oath members take at the beginning of each Congress. “[Justice Department employees] take the same oath, so somebody better start reading the Constitution down there.”

Leaders in both parties have said this is the first time in the 219-year history of the United States that the Justice Department has taken these actions.

Cajun Tiger said... still no reports about Repub leadership calling for Jefferson's resignation I guess? And still deafening silence from the outraged Dems on corruption? Very interesting!

As far as the Hill report, I really don't understand the outrage. No one is above the law. The executive branch is responsible for enforcing the laws. This had nothing to do with legislation, but a very serious criminal investigation. Being both parties seem to be equally upset, I'll admit I'm not as aware of this Speech and Debate clause as maybe I should be, but I don't see how raiding a Congressional office in any way stops him from making speeches or participating in debates.

If I get a chance I'll look up the clause or if you come back before tomorrow and care to share why that clause prohibits the FBI from doing there job that'll work too.

The leftist southpaw said...

I agree that this case has nothing to do with separation of powers, unless it can be proved that the executive branch requested the investigation and the FBI acted on orders from the White House (which I do not believe.)

The leftist southpaw said...

From CNN

Democrats...are asking Jefferson, of Louisiana, to resign his seat on the House's most prestigious panel, the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee.

Pelosi sent a letter Wednesday to Jefferson asking him to resign his position.

"In the interest of upholding the high ethical standard of the House Democratic Caucus, I am writing to request your immediate resignation from the Ways and Means Committee," the letter said.

ron said...

Somebody please tell me what Hastert has acomplished as Speaker? Is he ever interviewed? Has he come up with any ideas or policies? What? Port New Orleans!

I miss Newt.

Cajun Tiger said...

Southpaw...finally a whisper, but still nothing compared to the outrage shown when it is a Repub...but at least it is a start.

Ron...I ask the same question a lot.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

The silence is deafening!!! And I totally say ditto to Ron's comments on Hastert. I have never liked the man and Gingrich is sorely missed. I'm more than a little ticked off at his reaction to this scandal.

Ron--you need to get a blog. You always make great comments.

ron said...

I wonder what's in Frist's and Hastert's freezers??

Thanks LiL'Miss C. Someday I may start my own blog it's just my life is not as exciting as you guys.

You my dear, have a great site!