Friday, May 12, 2006

Slippery Slope Gets Slipperier

So much for the abortion rights and assisted suicide crowds saying conservatives are crying wolf when we bring up the slippery slope. Now in Britain, if an embryo has the possibility of maybe one day when they become an adult possibly developing cancer, then that embryo can now be destroyed. What's next? Maybe we should look for the liberal gene ;)


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

We've known it would come to this but its sad that it has.

tambo said...

Its worse than that. I am Michelle's sis-in-law that lives in Scotland. Right now there is a case in Dundee, in which I woman is suing the NHS (national health service) because the abortion they performed only killed one of her twins, and she was forced to raise a daughter who is now six. Can you imagine the psychological trauma this little girl must be going through. Knowing that your mom is suing the government because they didn't do a good enough job killing you. America better wake up because this is were we are heading.

PS I really enjoy your blog.

Cajun Tiger said...

Tammy...thanks for the comment and glad you enjoy my blog. Please feel free to leave more.

That indeed is very sad...poor girl. You are definitely right in that we better wake up.

The Mother Load said...

That is terrible! How could one live with themselves? There are too many sue crazy people. Too many excuses, not enough dealing with the hand you are dealt. You have to trust in God that He'll "never give you more than you can handle" Though sometimes I don't know how God has such confidence in me, yet I don't question what is handed to me in life - I just deal with it.