Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well I finally bit the MySpace bullet. I started a site on there back in Kuwait on my way home for leave and you can view it here. It is another great way to find and keep up with my friends around the country and world. I have no intentions of falling into the trap of adding anyone who request it, so only people I know are on my friends list.

MySpace is blocked at the office in Iraq, so I'm not sure if I'll have access via my laptop when I get back, but no worries, this site isn't going anywhere. All I'm doing as far as blogging on MySpace is posting links to this page.

So, anyway, if you have MySpace and you are a friend, and I haven't added you yet, please surf on over and send me a friend request.

Also Ellesugirl gets all the credit for all the sweet LSU graphics and stuff as she totally hooked me up as you will see. =)


Wes said...

If you ever need to get around silly filters like that you know who to give a shout out to. ;)

ellesugirl said...

HAHA thanks Shane for the props! =) It was my pleasure


Nick said...

You homo!!

Cherie has a MySpace and so does one of my best friends. However, I shall never. I am not gay.

Cajun Tiger said...

Wes...will do!

Elle...thanks again.

Nick...I'm only using it as a way to find more of my friends and point them to this blog. In the one week since I've gotten on MySpace my daily hits has gone from averaging 30 a day to 70 a day, so mission accomplished.

Anon...your message was deleted b/c the language in your post and personal attacks on others are not tolerated on this site.

crummywatertowr said...

Shane, your myspace has been hacked. You have been posting bulletins for ringtones. I know you better than that. You might want to change your password if you can. If not have someone you trust do it for you.