Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What Satan Meant for Evil, God Used for Good!!!

The Chaplain on base asked me to give my testimony this past Sunday night for Chapel along with a message of encouragement and hope despite trials. Once again, God showed how faithful He is.

God moved in a mighty way. He helped me get through the whole message and even helped me to talk slow enough for everyone to understand me =)

Here are three praise reports so far from the night:

One guy came up to me after and said on the way to chapel he asked God to give him something tonight to help free him from his bondage to pornography on the internet. I mentioned Covenant Eyes in my message and he said he was going install it as soon as he got home.

A female Marine said her ex-husband watched porn on TV every night and eventually had an affair which led to their divorce. She has been struggling with blame and guilt ever since. The Chaplain was able to spend some time with her and help her break free from some of that as well as connect her with some of the other ladies in the group.

One of the worship leaders had been talking to a Muslim translator and he came to the service that night. After the service, he accepted Christ!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

Thanks to everyone who was praying for me. Your prayers were definitely answered!!! As the title says, what satan meant for evil, God used for good!!! Gen 50:20


crummywatertowr said...

I'm proud of you for being able to talk slow enough! I was explaining your rap to Hustler from New Jack City just the other day.

Cajun Tiger said...

I figured I better start working on slowing down being apparently not very many people hear fast =)

FeatherIron said...

How cool!!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I have the same exact problem of talking too fast :-). I am so excited and encouraged for you on how well your testimony went. Praise God!!! Genesis 50:20 is such an awesome verse!!

Anonymous said...

you can add to this list that a complete stranger searched the web using google for the phrase "what satan meant for evil God used for good" --and found the scipture reference through YOUR blog! :)

I share the Gospel on Tuesday nights with a group of young ladies at a detention center in our area and one in particular asked me about this phrase and I remembered reading it in the Bible but couldn't find it so I wrote it down so I could find it later and bring it back the next week --and I FORGOT --I am the queen of forgetfulness --so I purposed to remember and after my prayer time this morning was reminded of it so I searched immediately so as not to forget again --and here I am :)

Thanks a LOT!

I pray that God will continue to bless you and keep you. Thank you for your service to our country and our GREAT and MIGHTY GOD!

Oh and I have a habit of speaking to fast when I get in front of folks too! I also say uh, a LOT! :)

Cajun Tiger said...

Glad to see my blog posts are still having a positive impact eventhough I haven't posted anything in over 2 years!