Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tuition's Never-Ending Cycle

"Here's how it works: People who want to go to college complain to their representatives in Washington that higher education is too expensive. Politicians, in turn, boost aid to get the petitioners' votes. Colleges, because they know students can now pay it, then raise their tuition to get more money to conduct research, pay higher salaries, and build nicer amenities to attract the now better-healed students. But then the people who complained originally are priced out of college again ... and the cycle repeats."

- Neal McCluskey of the Cato Institute


Tina Merck said...

Hi Shane,

I'm actually not sure if I'm writing the right person. I googled your name and this came up. I was telling my husband about you like two nights ago and I just thought I'd look you up. Do you remember me? I browsed your blogs and it looks like you've been really busy since I knew you. I have to go check on my daughter (she's sick), but feel free to email me and catch up.

Tina Merck Raborn

Cajun Tiger said... have the right Shane...thanks for dropping in and hopefully you will come back...I sent you an email.

Gered Lambert said...

I also heard that the casino revenues that many state governments are relying on to help kids go to college is really working well. The poorest zip codes are spending money at the casino and the richest zip codes are takinga advantage of the tuition breaks. GO FIGURE!!