Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I'm Back

Apparently the storms in DC two weeks ago, effected the internet here in Iraq, so I was unable to get to my site for about a week. Then blogger decided to be difficult and my site was down for another week. All that to say, I'm back and will catch up some posts I've been wanting to do in the next few days.


The Mother Load said...

Hey, wanted to see what you thought about Ann Coulter's recent comment on the widows of 9/11?

FeatherIron said...

I'm not the Cajun Tiger, and I too would love to hear what he has to say, being the politically savy blogger that he is, but I have an opinion..She is brilliant, whitty and an excellent writer BUT she can still be TO FAR to the right as much as she claims they are too far to the left.

As a Christian, I think she goes too far from time to time-which yes, people on the left do all the time and more then her perhaps but I think this was on of the times where she was too harsh.

That's my opinion for what it's worth.

Cajun Tiger said...

ML...first off the comment wasn't aimed at all widows, only 4 from NJ who are in the same league as Cindy Sheehan with her use of her grief as a "say whatever you want" card and you can't attack me for it b\c I'm grieving.

Of course the liberal media has spun it as an attack on all widows and doesn't explain the point behind her statement being that the left uses people who can't be responded to w/o being accused of questioning their grief.

FI...she may go to far at times, but it is no where near what the left does, and she does it tongue in cheek in order to create discussion on an issue, while the left are true beliving koolaid drinkers.

FeatherIron said...

I know she is tongue in cheek, and that is why I love to read her articles but I wish she wouldn't have included them in her book. It's just still too fresh and too sensative and issue for the entire country. She may be correct in her assessment of them but it just didn't sit well with American's as a whole because it was 911 widows.

FeatherIron said...

I got a cute friend, her minister husband left her two years ago with a new born and a 3 yr old.

Here is her myspace;


just incase your looking :-)

Cajun Tiger said...

Well myspace is blocked here, so I can't go to that site.

However, I'm no way near looking, but thanks anyway =)

FeatherIron said...

ok, I posted her pic on my blog. I also have a pic of my neice on there ;-)

The Mother Load said...

CT - i have to agree with featheriron that it was still too fresh to make a comment as such and for those who decide not to further research the statement, they will be the ones misjudging. I guess you can't win them all.

P.S. How are you holding up, email me!

Cajun Tiger said...

FI...you are funny...thanks for the post and thought...when I feel released to reenter the dating world I'll be sure to let you know, but as of now, it isn't even a thought.

ML...that is a good point, but we can't let the left exploit the issue w/o being challenged.