Monday, July 10, 2006

One Year Anniversary of Blogging

Wow...I can't believe it has been a year since I started blogging (it was actually yesterday, but didn't have a chance to post so I'm doing it today).

What a year it has been. I can definitely say it has gone from some of the highest highs to some of the lowest lows. Through it all, God has been faithful!!!

Below are links that recap some of my posts that were significant over the last year as well as some with the most comments. Enjoy the year in review:

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Hmmm...that was a very interesting exercise. As I stated above, I was going to include some of the political posts with the most comments, but that just didn't seem fitting. So, this has instead turned into a review of my life over the last year. The year saw lots of great times as well as lots of tears.

I can say without one hint of doubt that I'm closer to God, my family and my friends today than I was one year ago. Through the struggles and victories God allowed this past year, others have come closer to God and their families. What more can one ask out of life. I can't wait to see what the next year holds in store for all of us!!!


The Youngs said...

how jealous i am that you are about to be in baton rouge, seeing my niece and enjoying an amazing hpc service!!

FeatherIron said...

I got a pang of sadness for you when I read "she said yes" then "engagement called off".

I once thought for sure that I was supposed to marry a guy. All my friends thought so, everything. When he broke it off I turned into Glen Close from Fatal Attraction! Seriously, I was a freak! I remember just begging God for death I was so miseralble! But He knows better and over time I was healed completely. Now, I thank God I didn't marry that guy. I can't imagine being with anyone but my Dean. He is the love of my life.

I know you trust Him, keep on keepin' on.

Cajun Tiger said...

C&K...I'm so ready to be home for a short time. I can wait to get a little HPC action =)

FI...thanks for the encouragment! If it is truly over with Cheryl, then I have no doubt that he has someone even more perfect for me, as hard as that is to even imagine at this point, but God has proven Himself faithful way to many times for me to not trust Him now.

Ron said...

It sure would be nice if Cheryl's Dad were reading your blog all this time.

I think he would be impressed.

(just thinking out loud)

bmartin said...

Well Im definately looking forward to seeing my best bud..I cant wait for you to see Brandt how big he's getting. And Taylor she has a shot out of this world i can't even beat her straight up on a little over exagerated).. Also I think Cheryl knows what she had and I think not her daddy or anybody else can stop true love. I wish her dad would have read this also... But like so many religious people (unfortunately) It's easy to talk the talk then walk the walk. I think he should have spent the last six months working on his faith.. It seems to me that yours is strong and I know that it is. love ya dude! Can't wait till you get back.

crummywatertowr said...

B, well said my friend. If they can't see the goodness inside of Shane, then they are blind. And Shane, you deserve better than that if he is going to be that petty.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Congrats on the 1 yr. anniversary!!! I'm sorry about all the difficulties you've been through but it looks as though God is allowing it to make you a stronger person. I commend you for that!!

Cajun Tiger said...

Ron, B, Crummy...

I pray her dad's intentions were pure and led by the Spirit, but even if they weren't, the engagement being called off and the last 6 months of separation was completely God's plan. I have no doubt of that. What happens while I'm home on leave and from then forward I can't do anything but leave it in God's hands.

If it is His plan for us to be together then we will. If it isn't then as hard as it is to even imagine right now, I know He has someone even more perfect for me.

LMC...He certainly has!!!

bmartin said...

Crummy I knew you would definately agree with me because i know your philosophy on religion. lol.. But shane they say true love comes around once in a lifetime so obvious this wasn't true love. I can only imagine how hard it is but you will make it because you have something all women want. A true heart with a good spirit and a love for people not many people have. You just need to find someone who appreciates that besides your faults. And also (god i hate to be so mean). But someone strong enough with her own identity that she doesn't need a father or a husband to control her thoughts and feelings.
When I married my wife I wanted a companion to share things with. Someone with her own convictions and strength (eventhough i might have bitten off more than i can chew) But she makes me a better man as I make her a better woman.
I know this will hurt but with all loses time heals all wounds..( so cliche but it's true). You are my best friend and I know you better than anybody and you will bounce back it might take time to get the air pumped in to do it but you will... Then you can find someone who truly accepts you for who you are and not who her father "thinks" you are... Oh and by the way if you still want to go ride to texas I would love to go you know i would love to tell him what i think of him and his faith so strong that god can forgive you but he cant... excuse my french... But what an ass.

crummywatertowr said...

B...just for your info (and Shane's) I've been going to church for a couple of months now and pray the rosary every night. I just can't stand religious hypocrisy. All of us are sinners, but all of us can be redeemed. If these people can't see the goodness in you CajunTiger (and let's face it, you were always the best out of us :-) then they are blind to the truth.

I truly believe now and believe in redemption. Even the guy that murdered my aunt, if he were to admit his guilt and truly repent in his heart, then he too can be redeemed.