Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Faces with Names

I've been meaning to do this post since I've been back, but due to pic issues, I've finally decided to do it w/o pics.

On my recent trip home, I was able to put several faces with names and voices I've interacted with over the last 6 months or so via this blog and work.

First was Nick(Conservative Cajun). On my way to TX, I met him for lunch in Jennings at a little truck stop cajun restaurant. Of course we mostly talked politics.

Then on Wednesday at HPC, I met Carole (FeatherIron) Dean (Steel Tiger) and their niece Candice. Here is a pic of the three of them. I also met Ron (Ron's World) the following Sunday. It was great worshiping with them!

Then on my trip to DC, I met Tina. She is a co-worker who handles our payroll issues as well as other very important things that are needed when you are deployed 1000s of miles from home. She rocks!!! I also met Yumna, Silvia, Michael and Clarence. They work for a subcontractor that works with us here in Iraq. I email or talk to them pretty frequently, so it was great getting to meet them in person even though they refused to let me post their pics ;)

Look forward to meeting more people in the future as it is always great to put faces with names!!!


featheriron said...

We have to all get together when you come in December too.

Smile-N-Cajun said...

just some more people to add to your friend list. love ya

Cajun Tiger said...

FI...will definitely have more time to hang out this trip.

SnC...never can have too many friends =)

Nick said...

Well, I knew you wouldn't talk Ragin Cajun football.

Cajun Tiger said...

The Cajun's have a football team??? Oh yeah...that's the team that will get destroyed on Sept. 2 ;)

Nick said...

Yeah, we will get our asses handed to us. However, I will be at the game, and I only ask that the Lord grant me one request. I ask that LSU at least screws up a couple times early so that the halftime score can be something like 13-10. I just want to see that look of grave worry on all the Purple and Gold backers. After that, then LSU can run away with it.

Cajun Tiger said...

You had to rub in the fact that you will be at the game didn't ya ;)

Have fun!!! Eat some jambalaya for me!!!

Nick said...

Will do, and I'll have a beer, or two, or more for you too. Cherie and I have season tickets for UL, and this year's package included tickets to the UL-LSU game, though I'm sure we'll be in the nosebleed.

deanaaron said...

Any seat in TIGER STADIUM is a good one. I will be there also. Don't know if Caloe will go or not.

Ian McGibboney said...

I think it says a lot about LSU fans as to how much stock they're putting into the UL game, while UL fans are just interested in seeing what happens. That would make a UL upset all the more gratifying.

Not that I'm expecting that to happen, of course. But my world doesn't end when my team loses.

Cajun Tiger said...

Nick...you would be better off in the nosebleeds than the south endzone which is also a visitor section.

Dean...once again...thanks for pointing out you will be AT the game =( ;)

Ian...you are right, we have to talk now b/c if ULL were to beat LSU, the season would be over and there would be no more talking.

I wear my LSU hat here all the time and the other day found out a guy I run into a quite often is a ULL fan. He has a Cajun hat, so if they win I have to wear his hat for the day, if we win he has to say GEAUX TIGERS whenever he sees me, which is usually 4-5 times a day. Don't think I'd look good in a Cajun hat so GEAUX TIGERS!!!! =)