Monday, August 07, 2006

Vietnam Redux?

Tomorrow's Connecticut Senate primary will be a very telling election to see if the Dems will start going down the same path they did for Vietnam. Senator Lieberman has been a very strong supporter of the Iraq war and his defeat would once again show that libs are weak on defense and can't be counted on to finish the job of securing Iraq and the region. They would all take his defeat as proof that being against the war is a winning position. Around the nation you will here more calls from Dems to cut and run.

This would be extremely unhelpful for the war on terror and the region. One of the main reasons I've been told by Iraqis I've talked to as to why they don't do more for their country is that they are afraid of retribution when the US leaves to early like we did in '91. They have no faith that the US will finish the fight (and neither does Al Qaida) and why should they when all they hear is cut and run from the Dems who could be in charge come November (I don't believe that for one prediction 3 months out is we will actually pick up one seat in the Senate and I'm still holding predictions for the House) and the MSM.


crummywatertowr said...

As much as I hate the war in Iraq, I have to agree with you 100%. While I would have never committed to the war on Iraq (not the most evil of the axis of evil), we can't pull out now. Look at Iraq's neighbors: Syria to the west; Iran to the East. Not exactly our best friends. Iraq, which under Saddam (this is not a pro-Saddam comment, but just a matter of fact) was as secular as a Middle eastern country could get, is already a farming ground for religious fanatacism and without us there that problem would multiply exponentially.

But we also have to realize that a democratically elected Iraq might not be an ally. This is where the real nightmare begins. Protests are a part of democracy, but when people march the streets of Baghdad shouting anti-american chants, what are we supposed to do? Cheer them for exercising free speech, or tighten the reigns on a government that doesn't align to our goals. And should it be our goals or there goals we are worried about?

These are the questions the DNC should be really taking seriously. But they won't. Because they take a man like Lieberman put someone up against him that is him just without the support for the war. And that guy doesn't have a clue about to get them home. The DNC, which under FDR, Truman, and Kennedy was a party of ideas, couldn't figure out how to get out of wet paper bag much less Iraq. And I agree with you, the dems won't take back the house. Even with the Rep. trying to give it to them on a silver platter.

Cajun Tiger said...

Well at least ya'll got rid of wacko McKinney yesterday.

Liberman's defeat is a huge blow for Dems chances of taking back either chamber in November.