Thursday, August 24, 2006

Once Again Liberals Endanger Americans

As I'm sure most of you heard, last week a Federal judge ruled that the NSA wiretapping program which monitors all calls and internet communication to and from Al Qaida members into our country is unconstitutional. I didn't really pay much mind to it because I'm pretty confident it will get overturned in a higher court and all will be fine.

However, today I saw exactly what the defendants' (long list of typical looney lefties like the ACLU and Greenpeace) were suing for. They are suing the government because they feel that they have the constitutional right to talk to people in the Middle East and Asia who are members of Al Qaida, affiliated with Al Qaida, or members of an organization that is affiliated with Al Qaida or in support of Al Qaida without the government monitoring that communication.

They further claim that due to the wiretaps, people in that group are no longer talking to them on the phone or through email due to being scared of the call being monitored. So, because of that, the Defendants' First Amendment right of free speech has been violated.

Ok, let me try and understand this. Members of the above group who have some connection to Al Qaida don't want to talk on the phone or email anymore because the US Government might be tracking that communication.

This makes me even more angry at the leak of this program because obviously they were discussing things that they don't want the US Government to know about. Thanks to this leak, we are less safe as a nation b/c the ENEMY is now aware of one way we are monitoring their communications in order to stop them, so they have adjusted their behavior.

Then it comes out yesterday that the judge is a trustee of an organization that gave $125,000 to the ACLU which lends a strong argument that she should have recused herself from the case from the start. No surprise there at all.

Once again liberals prove they have no interest in protecting the safety of American citizens and only want to find ways to bash the President. Very sad indeed!

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Ron said...

Libs say that they support the war on terrorism...Prove It!!

Nick said...

Imagine the outrage if a judge ruled in favor of the NSA program, and then it was revealed he was a board member of an organization that gave money to a right-wing organization.

Cajun Tiger said... don't have to imagine...just remember the "outrage" of Scalia going hunting with Cheney and all the fuss the libs made over that.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Extremely well said!!! I have a cartoon on my latest post that points out the insanity of this ruling. I like you am just trusting that this will be overturned because it is such an insane ruling.

But you make a good point that the liberals have once again made this country less safe. I so don't get people sometimes.

skye said...


Libs DO support the War on Terror....

the surrendering part!