Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tide Turning Due to Roe Effect?

I'm not sure if they coined the term or not, but WSJ's Best of the Web daily email (if you aren't subscribed to this I highly recommend is in my Top 5 must reads) discusses what they call the Roe Effect. In a nutshell, it means that being liberals believe in abortion more than conservatives do, they are more likely to have one.

Then that would mean less babies in liberal households and more babies in conservative households over time. Then being parents pass on their values to their kids, in time conservative values would once again overtake liberal ideas.

Is this poll possible proof of the Roe Effect taking place showing a turning of the tide on public opinion on abortion?


FeatherIron said...

very interesting. I think the parcial birth abortion fan club on the left also helped to expose the hand as well. The american public in general can accept the abortion of a couple week old fetus because it doesn't "look" like a baby and it doesn't even look like the girl is pregnant but when the pro-abortion forces were willing to throw themselves behind fully formed humans, that looked like the infants they were, being pulled feet first from the womb, head cut open and brains sucked out, well, that's just barbaric and the lights came on across America-they are killing babies. Have you ever talked to a 10 year old about abotion? It's amazing how an innocent mind can not even comprehend sucking a even 6 week old fetus from the womb of it's mother. There are so many couples that want to love these children. There are so many mothers that have believed the lie told by the pro-abortion fans.

Ian McGibboney said...

I think that "Roe Effect" thing was an attempt at humor.

First off, being pro-choice doesn't mean you LIKE abortion or do it every time you get pregnant. It's entirely possible to be pro-choice and have kids. Though it's true that conservatives and religious people probably have far more children than liberals, that doesn't mean the liberal population is headed for extinction. Sorry.

Second, plenty of wealthy conservatives have had abortions over the decades. In fact, for years (mainly pre-Roe) abortion was the playground of the well-to-do who didn't want the shame of their daughters having babies out of wedlock. They were just better at covering it up than the coathanger crowd.

Third, conservative parents don't necessarily raise conservative kids. In fact, quite often the opposite is true. If the so-called Roe Effect actually happened, it might be a boon for humanity, as future generations get tired of suffocating under the singular mind of society.

Ron said...

China has been aborting or drowing baby girls for years.

I wonder what China's future will look like?

DeanAaron said...

Ian, your psycho bable is impressive but it is still just that.

The emperor is naked no matter how many times the taylor yells "look at his beautiful cloths"!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

This has been discussed many times. Also, the liberal lifestyle that involves homosexuality means less reproduction, etc.. Plus most feminists don't have kids and on and on. It works for me :-)!!

Ian McGibboney said...

Not every liberal drowns or aborts their children, and they aren't all gay. believe it or not, many do reproduce!

I can't believe I actually have to spell this out.

Cajun Tiger said...

Ian...there are incidents where kids don't follow their parents ideologies and of course libs do multiply, but this is just one possible explanation of the move back to the right in the country over the last couple of years.

Blow it off if you like, but long term, I think it has some merit to consider.

crummywatertowr said...

Ya'll actually think that a majority of people that have abortions actually vote. I think that would be an interesting research topic.

George said...

I think guys ike Ronald Reagan and Rush are responsible for the move towards conservatism more than a roe effect, however that is interesting to consider. Ignorance is one of the main reasons abortions happen anyway. I have done many ultrasounds on mothers and if that doesn't convince one of life in the womb, nothing will. Keep up the good work Cajun T. George