Thursday, August 10, 2006

London Layover

London Eye (World's Largest Ferris Wheel)

Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey

Buckingham Palace

Changing of the Guard

Churchill's Underground WWII War Room

St. Paul's Cathedral
On my way back, I had a 12-hour layover in London. I've never been to London before, so I definitely took advantage of the time and took a very quick tour of the main tourist sites I could easily reach by subway. Definitely want to go back when I have more time to really see the city and the history!

A big thanks to Mrs. Marilyn for the perfect adivce on how to see the sites I wanted to see in the short time I had. =)


RennyBA said...

Thanls for you visit and congrats for me on Blogs of Summer!
Yes, London is a great town too and thanks for sharing your short visit with great pictures too. Tell me when you are going to Oslo, Norway. I'll gladly guide you around:-)

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Wow!!! Very cool!!

ellesugirl said...

You got to see William's heritage! =) The cathedral is amazing thanks for sharing the photos

=) -e

featheriron said...

Very nice! One day I will get to Oxford, home of the two authors of the Century, CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien!

Cajun Tiger said...

Renny...I'll definitely let you know if I ever do.

E...I'm going to try an enter that cathedral photo in a contest possibly.

FI...yeah that would be pretty cool