Friday, August 11, 2006

New Additions

Just wanted to update everyone on a few additions I've made to my sidebar links.

The first one is my "currently reading" links. As you'll quickly see, I'm always reading more than one book at a time. That is a very unique skill, actually it is probably more due to my self diagnosed ADHD =)

Second addition is three new blogs under my fav blogs section:

Ron's World - Ron is from LA and ventured into my world via either Feather Iron or DanO, don't quite remember

Steel Tiger - Feather Iron's hubby and huge LSU of course we have lots to discuss

(Met them both when I was home. I'm waiting on one pic then I'll be doing a post on the people I met when I was home and was able to put faces with names.)

Joel Rosenberg - a great author who has made some very interesting predictions in his books that have come true. In his first book, "The Last Jihad" he predicted terrorists using planes as weapons and it was written before 9-11. In his second book, "The Last Days" he predicted the Iraq war before the war started. In his third book, "The Ezekiel Option" he predicts an Iranian/Russian alliance who together with other Arab nations attacks Israel. Will he be 3 for 3? I will probably order his newest one, "The Copper Scroll" soon which I think predicts the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Like the Left Behind series, he uses Bible prophecy as a foundation for his books.


ellesugirl said...

Hmm I guess i am not worthy of a mention!

Cajun Tiger said...

Not yet...nothing personal...I just don't link social sites like MySpace being it isn't mainly a blog and your blog isn't updated enough to be a must read yet