Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not as Hot as 1936

So, how does AlGore explain this? It's hard to keep pushing global warming mumbo jumbo if you can't even beat heat records of 1936!!! However, don't worry, the MSM and wacko enviros will just ignore that little fact as they continue to hype up this current heat wave.

Hmmm...I just had a thought. I'm sure it isn't an original one, but I've never heard this exactly like this yet except when used in the context of weather cycles. They are called heat WAVES. What exactly are the properties of waves. They have peaks and valleys...they rise and fall...they cycle in a pattern. Exactly as the weather has done and continues to do regardless of what we puny humans do or don't do.

Speaking of weather cycles...looks like the hurricane season will be in a down cycle compared to last year according to forecasters. Once again, expect this to be ignored in the MSM who were all secretly hoping for more Katrinas and Ritas to spike their ratings and their biases.

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