Monday, July 16, 2007

Burundi Stories Part 5 - Rebuilding the Wall

Rebuilding a Church

Passing the Bricks

Making the Mortar

Dave Delivering the Mortar

James and Danny Carrying Stones Local Style

On our last day of ministry in Burundi, we were able to help rebuild a church in Bubanza. This church was destroyed three times, twice by rebels and once by a storm, yet they continue to rebuild. It reminded James of the story of Nehemiah's call to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem. He was able to share that with them at lunch as a blessing to them. They expressed great appreciation that we were literally willing to get our hands dirty with them. It was a great moment of being the Church together.


Teacher said...

Hi there, when and where in Burundi were you working at? My church Spirit of Joy sent 12 of us over on a mission trip. We were building homes in a development called Cerama outside of the capital, Bujumbura through a group called JRMD. We went as a mission group but came back as messengers about the amazing faith and hope of the Burundi people. Our pastor's son is producing a documentary of our trip and the people of Burundi. If you want I can show give you our church's web address so you can see the short clip he has made so far. Would like to hear more about your trip. Hope to hear from you. Email address is

Cajun Tiger said...

We were in Burundi from May 13 to May 24. The pics in this post were taken on the 22nd in Bubanza. We spent most of the time in Buj. We also spent a day in Gitega (the 18th) and a weekend (19-20) in Nyanza Lac. My post on the May 9 gives more info as well as the first four parts of my Burundi stories. Would love to see the video. Will email you.