Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Selective Abortion Outrage

To watch the news coverage of the grisly discovery of 4 dead premature babies in MD, you would think they were all strong pro-life. They are horrified that someone would kill an infant before it was born. The fact that they are calling them infants is itself confusing. I thought they were just fetuses until they were viable? If all four end up being born dead, where is the crime, even if she did it to herself?

That's the hypocrisy of the abortion crowd. If a doctor kills an infant...oops fetus...then it is legal, but if the mother does it, it is murder? Someone on one of the local news programs actually said what was most sad in this case is that she had options if she didn't want more children. She then listed the options as birth control, adoption and abortion. Isn't abortion the option she apparently chose?


Jean Ohlerking said...

How is abortion different from offering infants to the god Molech as referred to in the Old Testament?

That act was a total abomination to God then.

I'm sure abortion is a total abomination to God now.

Psalm 127:3 says children are a gift from Him. How can we so flagrantly discard a precious little life, God's gift?

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I heard today that she may not even be charged with murder because of how young these babies were. I hope that isn't the case because this is a horrific story.

Cajun Tiger said...

Check out this statement:

"The 2005 fetal homicide was designed to penalize those who kill a pregnant woman or her viable fetus, but it includes a provision shielding pregnant women from prosecution for actions that result in their own fetus's death. . . .

State Delegate Susan K. McComas, a Republican who co-sponsored the 2005 bill, said the exemption was added by majority Democrats who feared the bill would restrict a woman's right to abortion. "We weren't contemplating a woman doing something to her own fetus," McComas said."

So...apparently according to that logic, having an abortion is doing nothing to her own fetus...very sad.