Monday, July 09, 2007

Run Towards the Ambush

When I was in Iraq, one of my teammates was a former Marine. One afternoon the subject of an ambush came up and he said what you have to do is run towards the ambush if you want to have any chance of surviving it. Completely counter-intuitive of instincts, but nonetheless the best tactic. Bill Kristol wrote an article in that vein giving advice to the President that I totally agree with, especially in light of this NY Times (yeah...can you actually believe they have an article showing something positive...don't worry was buried and way outnumbered with articles and editorials calling for surrender) showing the progress. Pay special attention to the attacks being down tremendously and the ratio of the enemy killed and captured versus Soldiers and Marines killed.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I actually saw this article by Kristol earlier today and snagged it to talk about on my radio show tomorrow.

Thanks for the article, from the NY Times of all places. I have printed that off as well to use tomorrow.

To be honest this is the one issue I don't see Bush caving on but I think Kristol's article was well worth saying. I was relieved to see the White House has already released a statement saying they won't, even though it appears that some Republicans are getting weak kneed.

More Republicans need to stop paying attention to the polls and their liberal pals and grow a backbone. Of course, most of these are ones that were wishy washy moderates from the start.

Cajun Tiger said...

Totally agree!